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Woods & Wanton Chapter Website

In keeping with the pride and tradition of service to their community, in June 1988, a number of cavalry descendants and African Americans with prior military service assembled to form a Buffalo Soldier chapter in Tampa, Florida. Under the direction of Israel Tilman, John H. Padgett, and Charles Vann, the chapter petition, organizational documents were submitted to the National Headquarters 9th & 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association.

The chapter is named in recognition of Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, Sergeant Brent Woods, Troop B - 9th Cavalry/Indian Wars 1881 and Private George W. Wanton, Troop M - 10th Cavalry/Spanish American War. The purpose of the chapters in the association is to perperuate the memory of comrades who have passed on and the history of the many accomplishments of the Buffalo Soldiers regiments in the defense of this country.


Below is listed our members that are currently leading our Chapter.

Eddie Starling


Lonnie Reddick

1st Vice President

Damon Bryant

2nd Vice President

Don Johnson


Claudia Matthews


Matt Matthews


Frank Bell